Friday, 6 March 2015

Cudworth Cemetery Wilfred Eversedge WW2

Wilfred Eversedge part of his family's gravestone


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Photograph by BarnsleyHistorian

Monumental Inscription by the Barnsley Family History Society

Grave Location and Inscription:  
D 7 18
In loving memory of / Irene, the beloved daughter of / John & Elizabeth Eversedge / who died April 5th 1943, aged 17 years / Asleep in God's beautiful garden / also Sapper Wilfred Eversedge R.E. their beloved son / who died of wounds in Italy May 4th 1944, aged 25 years / Sheltered by the rock of ages, Far across the sea / Re-united / also the above named John Eversedge / who died April 4th 1960, aged 73 years / Treasured memories / also the above named Elizabeth Eversedge / who died July 4th 1974, aged 85 years.

Wilfred Eversedge is remembered on the Cudworth Memorial St. Johns Church Cudworth.

The Cudworth Local History and Heritage Group's book, Lest Cudworth Forgets, includes more information on him.

Wilfred Eversedge is buriedi in the Bari War Cemetery Italy and is remembered on the  Commonwealth War Graves Commission  website.

BWMP #CDW01/22