Saturday, 20 June 2015

Barnsley Cemetery Joseph White

The family gravestone of Joseph White 
The memorial kerbstone of Joseph White


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Photograph by Pete Schofield

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Monumental Inscription by the Friends of Barnsley Cemetery

Grave Location and Inscription:
Plot E.761
Thomas / the beloved husband of / Mary S. White / --- April 23rd 1926 aged 69 --- // Also Arthur / the beloved husband of / Esther Lacon / --- --- ---- --- // Also Joseph their beloved son / killed in the Great War / August 26th 1916 aged 34 years / Also the aforementioned Mary Spink White / --- March 18th 1929 aged 67 years/

Joseph is remembered on the Barnsley Buckley Street Chapel Memorial Tablet.

Joseph White is buried in the Lonsdale  Authuille cemetery and commemorated on the Commonwealth War Graves

BWMP # BAR07/37